Find out what people think about Hannah's Handmade Elderberry Syrup!

"Hannah’s elderberry syrup is amazing! Everyone around us has been sick but we have stayed healthy - I know we can thank daily elderberry syrup for that. This will be a staple in our home forever and we are so thankful to Hannah!"- Mariah U

“My first batch ever of Elderberry syrup and I am so impressed with how delicious it is! Even MORE delighted that it is made local in my neighborhood and my neighbors are able to enjoy the health benefits and convenience. Thanks Hannah!”- Heather K.

"I take 1 Tbsp. of elderberry syrup every day to keep away colds. It takes great, is working so far this winter (even with tons of exposure to people as a public speaker), and is also delicious in cocktails!” -Ginjer C.

“Liquid magic! We take it daily during winter months and increase to every couple of hours if we’re sick. It manages to knock out whatever’s ailing us!” P.T. B. 

”Our family of four loves Hannah’s Elderberry Syrup, even our 2 year old. We use it for wellness during cold and flu season. So far so good!” -Erin D.

“I use Hannah’s elderberry syrup everyday to help keep my immune system strong during this hard flu season. With one child in Elementary School and one in preschool, I love knowing I have immune system support that is all natural.” Ashley T